5 Must-haves this winter!

Mac Wet are the perfect all round winter glove for outdoor pursuits. They have great movement and responsive touch, essential for a real feel of the trigger, a must for any keen shot



Noise Breaker

A great alternative to bulky electronic ear defenders. These individually molded earplugs have no moving parts and so have a long life expectancy and work well if you're wearing glasses or headgear.


Sporting Hares - Filedsport

This wellie isn’t actually available as it sold out this year but 2017 sees the release of the all singing all dancing version. With raving reviews this really is the only boot you need in the field.


Young and Country Headband

They are fantastic for wintery mornings where make-up is forgotten but keeping your hair out of your eyes and your ears warm is top priority. After the yard grab your hand bag and throw on your favorite jacket and it’s off to the point-to-point. They really are perfect for every occasion!


Farlows Boot Bag

There is very little escaping the British weather and you may have your wellies to hand but getting back in the car over even someone else's can be a nightmare. The Farlow boot bag is well made and an excellent price


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