Is it time to put away the guns?

With the shooting season drawing to a close, most of us would be thinking its time to clean and oil up the guns and put them away to collect dust until September or August the 12th for the lucky few.

As a keen shot who is always pushing myself to be more consistent but most importantly a better shot I try to keep my gun moving all year. What used to cause me so much trouble as a Game Shot, was that I would shoot constantly throughout the winter but never in the summer simply seeing clay shooting as a lesser challenge.

But come September would find myself back at the clay ground for a lesson saying “why can't I hit these left to rights?” “Why can't I hit these straight birds” and it's because I'd lost my swing. So keep it swinging all summer. There is no need to pack it all away, you will just end up starting back at the same point every season. 

Don't think of clays as lesser birds that will never compare. Yes they are different but different is good. Challenge yourself and understand where your strengths and weekends lie and get it all worked out over the summer, so you can start back in September with real precision and movement.

Be the envy of every other shot on the drive, every drive. 

Till the next shot,


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